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Why choose us?  We are different, our business model is: low price +high quality service. Why? Because our philosophy is: customers number 1, employees number 2, making money number 3. Focus on the customers and all else will follow. PLEASE check what our customers say:

beijing-privatetour.com is one of the best tour operators(tour company) in Beijing which entirely cater to the overseas market . We have rich and professional experiences in receiving the foreign tourist as we have been doing this for nearly 7 years. We are committed to design best tours to every customers and dedicated to providing "more than excellent" services which helps us to win a good reputation.

We welcome you as our friends to make a trip to Beijing where you can share Beijing's rich, colorful heritages and also enjoy the excellent services provided by our company. It will truly be an experience of a lifetime!

We think that the best travel experiences are with local friends and acquaintances. That's why our tours bring a friendly experience to visitors here in Beijing. We want to build a long lasting relationship with our customers through our transparent service.

We are sensitive to your needs so that we can make decisions together for a satisfying trip while keeping things exiting! Providing travel guidance and company in Beijing. Our company  is a friend helping you to cross the Chinese language and cultural barriers. Bringing special insight into the local way of life.

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