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Do you know Lama Temple?

Plan your private Beijing Tours? If you are interested in Chinese Lamaism or Chinese Buddhism, Beijing Lama Temple is not to be missed anyway.Beijing Lama Temple is called "Yonghe Lamasery" in Chinese which literally mesans "Harmony and Peace"."Yonghe Lamasery" is a romanization form of Chinese charactors.

For many foreign travelers coming to Beijing Yonghe Lamasery(Lama Temple),it is a very important attraction just after Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven in the city center.Lama Temple was originally built as the residence of Emperor Yongzheng when he was still a prince.After he became the throne (Emperor Yongzheng),he changed his old residence into a temporary palace called "Yonghe Lamasery" in 1725.In 1744,his successor,Emperor Qianlong turned the palace into a lama temple.This Tietan Buddhist Lama Temple is still popularly called Yonghe Lamasery.

Built along a central axis from north to south, the Lama Temple's compound is mainly comprised of six major halls,which make seven courtyards.The six halls include Yonghe Gate Hall,Yonghegong Hall,Yongyou Hall,Falun Hall,Wanfuge Pavilion and Suicheng Hall.There are also many side buildings built on the both sides of the central axis.

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