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Tips For Half Day Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing Private Tour

Compared with other travel areas of Great Wall,Mutianyu Great Wall has prominent peculiarities that will be suitable for your Beijing Tours.

Firstly,this travel area is of flourish grasses and dense forests. Its coverage now has accounted to ninety six percent,higher than any other parts of Great Wall.

Secondly Mutianyu Gateway Platform is so special and it is quite different to Juyongguan Gateway,Shanghaiguan Gateway and Jiayuguang Gate.The general gateway platform is composed of three hollow enemy towers,which are connected together.The towers on both sides are small and the middle tower is fairly large.

Thirdly,enemy towers are closely packed.Four enemy towers were founded from the first Mu-word tower to the fourth Mu-word tower,a distance of less than 500 meters.


You need to get to Dongzhimen first.You can take subway line 2,subway line 13,Airport Express Train,or bus nos. 3,106,107,123,131,132,401,404,416,418,852,866,915,915 (express),918,980,or 980 (express)  to get there.

Take bus line 916 Express from Dongzhimen Bus Station to Huairou North Avenue Station for CNY 12 and 60-70 minutes.Then,transfer to bus line h23,h24,h35,or h36 to Mutianyu Roundabout.Afterwards,walk about 450 meters to the ticket office of the scenic area.Or, you may take a minivan to the scenic area from Huairou North Avenue for about CNY 50-60.

Admission Fee:

Adults: CNY 45

Children between 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) and 4.6 feet (1.4 meters) in height: CNY 25

Children less than 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) in height are free.

Three ways to tour Mutianyu Great Wall:

Hiking: Go through the North Entrance,you will hike up to No.10 or No.8 Watchtower.Go through the South Entrance,and you will arrive at No.8 or Zhengguan Terrace (No.6 Watchtower). Upon arriving up there, you can hike either northward or southward.The northward route between no.14 watchtower and no.23 watchtower has the most beautiful scenery,while the southward route contains the grand Zhengguan Terrace and Big Corner Tower.

Cableway:Apart from hiking,you may also take a cableway up to the No.14 Watchtower.The lower station is near the North Entrance,so you can easily find it. It is safer and smoother than slideway,even suitable for children and senior visitors.

Slideway:You can also take slideway down from Zhengguan Terrace (No.6 Watchtower) near the South Entrance.It is very exciting to take the slideway,and a great choice foryoung people.

When is the Best Time for a Tour?

Although it is suitable for touring all year round,but the best time is April,May,September,and October,when the temperature is favorable,neither too cold nor too hot.But try to avoid May Day Holiday (from May 1st to 3rd), and National Day Holiday (from October 1st to 7th) when there will be crowded tourists.