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Go for a charming Beijing tour of Laoshe Tea House

Tea is important in China. It has been part of China's cultural legacy for centuries. Go for a charming Beijing tour of Laoshe Tea House. It's a great way to get a sample of the local chinese culture in Beijing and the tea is fantastic!

Lao She Teahouse from recommendations from natives that it was a good place to listen to traditional music and see performances from old Beijing. Lao She was a famous Chinese author who was born in Beijing (then called Peking). He wrote many plays and novels throughout the course of his life, one of which was called "Teahouse" in 1956. It was about the ups and downs of the people's lives in China throughout the turbulent changes between 1898 and 1945 and has been dramatized many times by the Beijing People's Theater.

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The tea house has both the reputation and proof of being a foreigner-friendly attraction.The relaxed environment and facilities really make this establishment worthy of its not-so-inexpensive prices. As it is popular and crowded with customers every night, you'd better make a reservation ahead of time (before 18:00 for the day). For the night performances, you should get to the place before 19:35; or the reservation would be cancelled (If there is emergency, you can call the following number to confirm.)

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 01:00