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Top 7 Tips People Should Watch Out During Beijing Tour Package

1. A clear plan: There are many famous spots inBeijing, you should make the plan before coming to beijing, or you will missmany spots because of the time-wasting on choosing.

2. Round-tripticket: You should buy the round-trip ticket in advance, as it is alwaysdifficult to buy the tickets in such big city, especially in holidays andfestivals.

3.Certificate:Youshould take your ID card and bank card, you can’t move without such cards. Justtake a small amount of cash.

4.Clothes:Youshould check the weather of Beijing in advance, because sometimes the weatherin Beijing changes quickly.

5. Accommodation:It is also important to arrange the accommodation for your tour. You can’tenjoy a good day if you have no good sleep. It will be better if you havefriends in Beijing. If no, you can book it online.

6.Safety:Safetyis the most important thing for people. There are always a large amount ofpeople when people choose to travel. Then it is easy to have all kinds ofaccidents during the travel. It is important to protect yourself during thetravel. And it will be better to travel with family or friends.

7. Sleep anddiet: You should keep regular sleep and diet during the travel, or you will getill because of the climate in the new place.

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