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The Seasonal Changes Of Beijing

Chinaexperiences four seasons which are winter, spring, summer and fall. TourPackages in Beijing can offer you tours at any of the season you want. You justneed to mention your needs and we will fulfill all your desire for the tour.

·Winter: The winter stays from December to early March in the city, also atthis time the entire Chine becomes very cold. If you love to experience thesnowfall, China will never disappoint you on that. Winter activities such asskiing are very popular by Beijing Tour Packageand winters in the city are toomuch fun. Don't forget to bring winter outfits and enjoy your love for layerings.

·Spring:Spring is one of the pleasant looking seasons of China, it starts and ends fromlate March to May. It is that time of the year when flowers are in full bloomand you can view the variety of colors and flower spread fields all across. Theweather is beautiful to look at and cold during spring so wear lightweightclothing, long sleeves tops, jackets or cardigans.

·Summer:Occurs from June- early September, Beijing becomes overly hot in summers. Ifyou hail from a cold country, it might be a problem for you then. So, carryalong the medicines and precautions if you are visiting Beijing at summers. Also,summer in China is a rainy season.

·Autumn: Theseason starts from Late September and ends at November. This is also one of themost attractive season in China because of the beautiful autumn leaves, thebeautiful rays of sunshine and the pleasing temperature. Though the temperaturebecomes cooler and cooler as winter approaches but it’s all great.

Beijing is ahuge city and it is not possible for a person to cover the whole city just infew days. So, if you want to experience all the season, you can make a fewshort trips in the city once in a while with Beijing Tour Package. A short tripwill not fulfill all your dreams to roam around at Beijing, thus, make apriority list.