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Discover One Day Amazing Beijing Tour Of Water Cube

Water Cube also called the National Aquatica Center,is an aquatics center built alongside Beijing National Stadium for the swimming competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics.Have you ever been to Beijing for the Olympic games?  If not,you can discover one day Beijing Tour of Water Cube and enjoy the distinctive appearance inspired by soap bubbles.The building's form is inspired by the natural formation of soap bubbles.Arup's designers and structural engineers realised that a structure based on this unique geometry would be highly repetitive and buildable,while appearing organic and random.

Beijing's Water Cube now has slides,rides,a wave pool and spa.After a major transformation after the 2008 Beijing Olympics,the Water Cube was turned into a large water amusement park and reopened to the public in August 2010.The new water amusement park inside the Water Cube is the largest and the best of its kind in China,allowing a functional capacity of 6000 people.It is an ideal place for families with kids to escape the summer heat and have fun.It is equipped with many amusement facilities such as wave machines,speed slides and aqualoops.The water temperature is said to be controlled at 23 degrees in summer and 30 degrees in winter.Coffee shops and leisure centers are also available inside the water park.


By Bus:

1.Take bus 510, 81, 607, 82 and get off at Beichenxi Qiao Bei Station

2.Take bus 386, 407, 645, 658, 660, 689, 753, 944, 983 or Yuntong 113 and get off at Beichen Qiao Xi Station

3.Take bus Zhuan 311, 328, 379, 484, 594, 617, 751, 913, Yuntong 110 or Zhuan 40 and get off at Wali Nankou Station.

By Subway:

1.Take subway line 8: get off at Olympic Sports Center Station

2.Take subway line 10: get off at Beitucheng Station,transfer to subway line 8 and get off at Olympic Sports Center Station

Admission Fee:

Water Cube visit only: CNY 30

Swimming in the training pool: CNY 50(valid for 2 hours)

Water Cube visit and water amusement park: CNY 200

Free of charge for children below 3.9 feet (1.2 meters)

Opeing Hours:

May to October: 9:00-20:00

November to next April: 9:00-18:00