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Go for an attractive Beijing tour of Houhai Area

Houhai is a lake and its surrounding district in central Beijing, one of the three bodies of water composing the Shichahai. In recent years, Houhai area has become famous for its nightlife as it is home to many popular restaurants, bars, and cafes. There are some popular bars like Houhai 5 Hao, Zoom Club, Jiadingfang Bar, Buddha Bar, lue Lotus Bar, Amber Bar, the 70s Bar and Jianguo Bar are other popular bars in Houhai bar street. The street was crowded just as any other streets of this huge city. The area is especially popular with foreign tourists visiting Beijing and is also often visited by the expatriate community and the younger generations of locals.

attractive Beijing tour

The Houhai area is very nice and lively place in Beijing, nice green part with quite good bars. Enjoy the stay, have a coffee and a snack, lots of people around like in all Beijing. The walk along Houhai is pleasant. The evening scene is beautiful for a younger crowd. Lots of neon lights, music blaring from speakers and crowds of young people out for the night. It is good for you to make an attractive Beijing tour of Houhai Area to eat the world famous Peking duck. The loud music from the bars and restaurants playing live music mixing up with the silence of the lake make the atmosphere much more relaxing. Do not wait any more! Contact us to book a Beijing tour right now!