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Top 10 Places Beijing Young People Like to Go to

Today, we would like to share the top 10places Beijingyoung people likes to go to.

1. Soshow

Location: Chongwen District, opposite the New World Shopping Mall

It is the most prosperous commercial streetin Chongwen District. There is a very good movie theater, which is heard to bedesigned by a Korean. The sixth floor also has the largest animation city in Beijing.

2. Zhongguancun pedestrian steet

Location: No. 15, Zhongguancun street

There are a lot of snack shops and smallaccessories brand stores

3. Drum Tower Street

Location: Drum Tower Street, Dongcheng District

The drum tower street has a lot of fashionableclothing store, specialty stores, which are quite classic. In addition, a lotof famous traditional snack shops.

4. Chaoyang Park

Location: Chaoyang Park South Road, No. 1

Every big festival, there will be a lot ofperformances. And often hold the rock music festival, where the young people like.

5. The Place

Location: ChinaWorldTradeCenter,Chaoyang District

A good place to go shopping. The shoppingenvironment there is very well.

6. Star Bar Road Bar Street

Location: Chaoyang District Yansha bridgenorth

The roast fish there is very tasty.

7. Guijie

Location: Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District

It is generally the liveliest at 2 am.Roast fish, skewers etc are the featured food there.

8. 798 Art Zone

Location: Dashanzi, Chaoyang District

There are a lot of graffiti enthusiasts often gathered here, and there are many special bars and cafes.

9. Taikoo Li Sanlitun

Location: Sanlitun Road, No. 19

Taikoo Li is a comprehensive shopping mall.Generally, this zone is the most prosperous from 5 am to 3 am.

10. South luogu Lane

Location: Di'anmen, Xicheng Districtsecurity

Here is full of Chinese characteristics. Inparticular, much food sold here is very delicious. However, the per capitaconsumption the restaurants here is 300 per person. But a lot of dishes arevery classic.

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