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How to Visit Prince Gong’s Mansion

Brief Introductions:

Prince Gong’s Mansion is the Chinese national key cultural relics protection units. It is the largest palace in the Qing Dynasty. In 1851, Prince Gong Yi Xin became the host of this palace, and the name of Prince Gong’s Mansion is therefore come. The palace is located in Shichahai area, covers an area of more than 60 thousand square meters. The Prince Gong’s Mansion is magnificent and solemn with a flourishing garden. Thus, the palace is called the "the best landscape in the city" and get prominent reputation.

The Best Time To Visit:

The weather is moderate in spring and autumn in Beijing, neither hot nor cold. So it is the ideal tourist season, especially in autumn. The best month to visit Beijing of a year is April, May, September and October. Beijing's newspapers, radio and televisions have weather forecasts and commentary. You can also dial 383, which provides weather forecasts for the day and the next day in both Chinese and English.

Traffic Guide

By Bus

Take bus No. 13, 42, 107, 111, 118, 810, 850

By subways

Beihai station, Exit B

Business Hours

High-Season: March 16th - November 15th (7:30 - 16:30)

Off-Season: November 16th - March 15th (8:00 - 16:00)

Entrance Fees:

Adult: 40 yuan / person.

Student: 20 yuan / person.

If you need a tour guide, the fee is 70yuan (including tickets, professional instructors, visit the attractions and exhibition hall, watch and enjoy Beijing traditional performances and have palace tea and snacks in the palace theater).

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