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Book a Beijing tour package to visit Yuanmingyuan

Yuanmingyuan is located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, east of Haidian District. It is a world-renowned Royal Garden, which used to be a large royal garden in Qing Dynasty. Yuanmingyuan brings together some of the famous scenic spots in the south of China, and integrates the essence of ancient Chinese garden art and melts the poetic images intoever-changing scenes. Yuanmingyuan is a treasure museum, which has celebrities’ calligraphies and paintings, secret government books, treasure, gold and silver jewelry and other rare relics, concentrated the essence of ancient culture. Yuanmingyuan is also a strange exotic garden, at which there are rare flowers and trees up to millions. The Westerners who completely witnessed Yuanmingyuan called it "King of the Park."


No.28, Qinghua West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China


+86 010-6262-8501

Official website:http://www.yuanmingyuanpark.com/

Ticketing Hours:

January-March, November-December: 7: 00-17:30

April, September, October: 7: 00-18: 30

May-August: 7: 00-19: 00

Opening Hours:

January-March, November-December: 7: 00-19:30

April, September, October: 7: 00-20: 30

May-August: 7: 00-21: 00

Tips: GardenParkticket sales time with the same time a park ticket

Entrance Fees:

1. Entrances: Adult: 10 yuan; half-pricetickets: 5 yuan

2, Western House Site Area (including Dashuifa,exhibition hall, maze): Adult: 15 yuan; half-price tickets: 5 yuan

3, Yuanmingyuan Panoramic Model Exhibition:Adult: 10 yuan; half-price tickets: 5 yuan

Tips: Children under 1.2 meters free ofcharge.

Traffic Guide

By Bus

1: take319,320,331,432,438,498,628,690,697,696,801,826, special six-way, in the [South Gate] under the SummerPalace.

2: take365,432,498,656,664,717,743,814,982,963, special 4, Express 105, Express 205Road, in the [East Gate] next to the Yuanmingyuan.

By Subway

Subway Line 4 [Yuanmingyuan] Station, Exit B

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