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6 Top Beijing Hutongs

1. The most narrow Hutong - Qianshi Hutong in Da Shi La'r.

Located in the west of Baozhushi Street, Qianshi Hutong is total length of 55 meters, an average of only 0.7 meters wide, the narrowest point isonly 0.4 meters. If two people pass through in opposite directions there, they need to face to face go sideways.

2. The widest Hutong – Lingjing Hutong.

Locatedin the Xidan area, Lingjing Hutong is an east-west Hutong, east from Fuyoujie Street, west to the famous commercial street Xidan  North Street, and intersects with Zaolin yard, West Huangchenggen South Street,  East Xie Street, Xinjian Hutong, Beiyin Hutong. Because of many times expansion, the widest end of Lingjing Hutong has reached to 32.18 meters now.

3. The longest Hutong - East Jiaomin Lane.

West from Tiananmen Square East Road, east to Chongwenmen Avenue,the overall length of East Jiaomin Lane is 3 km.

4. The shortest Hutong - Yichi Street.

Yichi Street is in the southeast of east Liulichang East Street, which is from east Tongzi Hutong to north Yingtao Hutong. Only ten meters long, just 6 shops, Yichi Streetis the epitome of Beijing Hutong.

5. The most turnings Hutong - Jiuwan Hutong.

Jiuwan Hutong is located in the East Xuanwu District, east connect to the Puchenshi Hutong, west to the Xiaoweiying Hutong. The total length is about 390 meters, however, the turnings is no less than 13.

6. The oldest Hutong – Tazhuan Hutong.

Tazhuan Hutong is situated near the Xisi Arch, which known as "the root of Beijing Hutong". Hutong began in the Yuan Dynasty, at that time there have been 29 Hutongs, and only one recorded, that is Tazhuan Hutong.

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