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Book a Beijing Tour Package to Visit Fragrant Hills Park

Fragrant Hills Park is located in the western suburbs of Beijing. It used to be a Royal garden with steep terrain and lush mountains. The forest coverage rate of the parkis high, and the landscape covers "Great mountains, famous springs, old trees,red autumn leaves”, which is a natural oxygen bar and summer resort in Beijing. Fragrant Hills’red autumn leaves is one of the most well-known scenes. The red autumn leavesin Fragrant Hills are mainly Cotinus coggygria with a total amount of more than one hundred thousand. In addition, there are Acer truncatum, Acer buergerianum, Acer mono and other 30 varieties of trees. The annual autumn season, the Cotinus coggygria after the baptism of frost all over the mountains turns red, like afire burning the Fragrant Hills. The Sen wat, Yu Huaxiu and Levant Pavilionare all the best place to see the red leaves scenes. Go to Fragrant Hills Park to enjoy the red autumn leavesis definitely a tour in autumn in Beijing.

Opening Hours

Apr 1st - Jun 30th,Sep 1st - Nov 15th: 6:00-18:30;

Jul 1st - Aug 31st: 6:00-19:00;

Nov 16th - Mar 31st the following year: 6:00-18:00.

Ticket Information:

Nov 16th - Mar 31st the following year: 5 yuan;

Apr 1st - Nov 15th: 10 yuan.


1. The best period to see the Fragrant Hills’ red autumn leaves is in mid October to early November, about a month.

2. The top 10 best place to see the red autumn leaves: Yu Huaxiu, Sen wat, Shuangqing villa, Geyunzhong, JingcuiLake, XiangluPeak, XiangwuCave, Heshun Door, Kanyunqi, Reindeer Slope.

Transport Information:

By bus:

#318, 331, 360, 634, 696, 698, 714 get off at the Fragrant Hills Park station.

#563 get off at the East Gate Fragrant Hills Park Station.

Now visit our website and book a Beijing Tour Package and go to Fragrant Hills Park to enjoy the beautiful red autumn leaves with us!